Jervis Bay Spearfishing
Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay is located 170 km south of Sydney, and is one of the most spectacular locations on the South Coast of New South Wales.
Jervis Bay is reported to have the clearest waters and whitest sands in the world.
Just perfect for watersports .

  Many people come to dive, fish and explore these famous beautiful blue crystal clear waters  and none of them go home disappointed.

Booderee National Park boarders Jervis Bay and includes Green Patch Beach and other notable beautiful spots such as Hole in the Wall, Bristol Point and Scottish Rocks.

Also available are picnic, barbeque and camping areas and two good boat ramps (Huskisson and Murrays).

There is a ruined lighthouse on the southern side of Jervis Bay and torpedo tubes on the Northern side which are also well worth exploring.